Prevention measures against Covid-19

From MDS we take everyone’s safety very seriously, that is why we have made a series of changes according to the new situation caused by Covid-19.

We have proceeded to disinfect the entire school and all the material and we will continue to do so periodically, but even so there are another series of measures that we explain below, in order to prevent:

– It is recommended to use personal material brought from home (mats, elastics, rubber bands, etc.), if you do not have MDS it will disinfect the material you use after using it.

– Each student must bring their own towel to ensure hygiene (Wipe sweat regularly).

– You must be at all times with your hair tied up, without accessories, without excessive makeup, cut nails, appropriate clothing: stockings, bodysuit or shirt, socks, etc … at no time can you access a top, shorts without stockings or no socks or slippers.

-If possible, you should come already dressed and ready for class and change your shoes. The changing rooms will remain open for those who need it and to leave the backpacks and shoes.

– It is recommended to bring only what is necessary, without excessive backpacks or bags since the room can only be accessed with your mobile phone and wallet. The rest should be left with the shoes in the locker room.

– Only students will be able to access the center, the rest of the companions or parents will wait outside. In the case of Babyballet, only one tutor per child can stay at the school. We recommend that you arrive 15 min. before class, since once it has started it will not be possible to access (as there is no justified case and prior notice).

– Only those students who have previously passed their classes may attend. If you haven’t done it yet, what are you waiting for? Call 628257646.

– Adequate hand hygiene must be maintained, disinfecting and washing them, before and after class.

– The use of the mask will be mandatory in common areas, being able to remove it only to access the class to dance.

– We kindly ask you to try to maintain a minimum distance of 1m – 2m between students. Respecting the space and position of each one and moving within the room in an organized manner.