Rules of the school

It’s mandatory to use appropriate clothing in every class, such as:

  • Ballet class: Maillot, tights, ballet shoes and a bun. The use of tights is mandatory in the winter and in the summer. From babyballet onwards, the use of the “tutú” will not be allowed; instead, it will be possible to use a classic gauze skirt, for kids will be mandatory to use the school uniform. In the winter, it will be possible to use a ballet cardigan.
  • Hip-hop / Jazz /Contemporary class: sports clothes and a suitable footwear (such as dance trainers, boots, or socks in case of contemporary). Sandals and similar kind of shoes are not allowed.
  • Spanish dance and Flamenco class: Flamenco skirt and suitable footwear (hig heels). In advanced classes the teacher may ask yoy for castañuelas.

You can’t exit the room during the class. You must go to the bathroom before or after the class.

The use of street shoes is completely forbidden inside the studios, including parents and students. Footwear should be kept clean at all times to avoid soiling linoleum.

We require punctuality. If you’re late and you have a valid reason, you have to wait outside until the teacher tells you you can join the class.

If your child can’t attend the class, please let the school know in advance. This, in fact, can affect his/her progress in the choreographies and the teacher will have to account for his/her absence.

Taking photos and videos in the hall is prohibited without the consent of the teacher, due to the child protection law.

As students have many possibilities to make up for missed classes throughout the month, classes have to be paid entirely in advance, between the 1st and the 10th of every month.

The fact of attending a class confirms that you are in accordance with our regulations. Remember that it is only to favor the proper functioning of the classes.

Thankyou. The management of the school