Rules of the school

The use of appropriate clothing for each class will be mandatory, this includes: 

  • Ballet class: Leotard, tights, slippers and bun. The use of tights will be mandatory in both winter and summer. Only in baby ballet the use of the “tutu” will be allowed. In the case of children, they must attend class in the school uniform. In winter it will be possible to use a ballet cardigan and the use of sweatshirts, t-shirts and other clothing that impedes the teacher correction work will not be permitted. 
  • Hip-hop / Jazz / Contemporary class: Appropriate clothing for the activity (sports clothing) and exclusive dance footwear for the dance room (boots, sneakers or jazz shoes in the case of hip-hop and jazz. Socks, or ballet slippers in the case of contemporary). The use of footwear such as sandals or flip flops is not allowed even in summer. 

Punctuality is requested, and in the case of arriving late for a justified reason, you must wait to enter until the teacher tells you to enter.

Food or drink is not allowed inside the dance rooms, only water will be allowed.

The use of street shoes is completely prohibited inside the classrooms, including parents and students. Footwear should always be kept clean to avoid dirtying the linoleum.

We ask you to notify when a student is going to be absent because this could affect their progress and choreographic activities, so teachers will take this into account with prior notice.

Leaving the room during class is prohibited. You should go to the toilet before or after the activity and not during it.

Photographs and recordings inside the room are completely prohibited, without the express consent of the teachers, due to the child protection law.

Because there is a great availability to make up missed classes, the monthly payment must always be paid in full, from the 1st to the 7th of each month.

Class recovery policy:

  • Classes can only be made up as long as 24 hours notice has been given. 
  • Classes must be recovered in the current month and not in the next few months. 
  • To attend the make-up class, the teacher must first be notified, specifying which class is going to be made up. If you do not notify, it will be counted as an extra class and the amount of €15 per individual class must be paid. 
  • Holidays are not recoverable. If the school closes more days than holidays, each teacher will contact the students explaining how they can recover. 
  • The monthly payment must always be made in full. There will be no “discounts” for missing some class. 

Regulations, modalities and payment terms: 

  • Payment by month: The monthly payment will be made at the beginning of each month, between the 1st and 7th (delay in payment will mean a penalty of €5, this year we will be quite strict with this issue). 
  • Payment per quarter (single payment): students who opt for quarterly payment will benefit from a 10% discount on the fee. (The quarters will be paid from SEP – DEC / JAN – MAR / APR – JUN) 
  • Payment by fortnight: the price of the fortnight is 70% of the fee corresponding to the full month. 
  • Payment per individual class: €15 

Payment methods: 

  • Payment in cash or card at the school, Monday to Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 
  • Payment by Bizum, you can request it at reception. 

By attending class, you confirm that you agree with our regulations. Remember that this is only to promote proper functioning of the classes. 

                Thank you,