Marbella Dance School

MDS is one of the most complete dance academies in Marbella. Since 2016 he is part of the International Council of Dance and Recognition by UNESCO.

Our School

More than just dance

The great dream of Marbella Dance School began when Caterina moved and settled in Marbella in 2007, Caterina started alone with two students in a small room, but due to her effort and passion for dance, little by little the number of students was increasing, and with it also increased the variety of styles and the equipment that nowadays forms MDS.

Caterina Chisesi is the director of Marbella Dance School and has always known that she would bring her own philosophy of life to school. For MDS the talent is only 1% and the rest is only work, sacrifice and discipline but above all passion, a passion that in the school they try to teach all their students through the art of dance.

Of course, we know that all this is hard but if you combine it with a family environment full of love we have proven that the love for dance comes alone

According to our philosophy, dance should be practiced by everyone who is passionate about it, that’s why our prices are affordable for everyone who wants it.

At MDS we consider ourselves a unique, professional and fun school where you can learn all kinds of styles at all levels. We offer classes of the purest classical style such as Ballet, classes of modern dances such as Jazz, Musical Theater or contemporary, urban styles such as Hip-Hop or Commercial, and classes of something very ours like the Spanish Dance and the Flamenco and many more …

Our school is guaranteed with the certification of UNESCO and the CID (International Dance Council) since 2016.

We also do official ballet exams through the Russian Ballet Association.

Go ahead and discover the dance !!

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Russian Ballet Association

The Russian Ballet Association is a ballet education and training organization that promotes sound technical and artistic training using the Vaganova Method. The Association offers exams for students and assists teachers with professional development and certification.

After having worked with the Russian Vaganova Method all her life, our director Caterina Chisesi follows this same method in teaching her classes.

We are very proud that Marbella Dance School is the only official examining center in the entire “Costa del Sol” and the main headquarters of Spain in the Russian Ballet Association.

The Russian methods are very rigorous and with high standards, the students of Caterina’s classes are also prepared and trained so that all their students far surpass all the exams they perform to subsequently dedicate themselves to ballet or to any discipline at professional level, if This is the path they wish to follow or of course if they just want to learn.

Honorary President: Dame Merle Park

Patron: Bella Ratchinskaia

President: Hans Meister

Examiners of our school:

Mr. Hans Meister – Mrs. Tamara Campanati – Mrs. Gerda von Arb


MDS, Unesco, CID

For more information about UNESCO and CID click in the image below

Conseil International de la Danse

The International Dance Council known as “CID” is the official organization that covers all forms of dance in all countries of the world.

The “CID” is recognized by “UNESCO”, national and local government agencies, as well as by international institutions and organizations.

It is the world forum for the union of the most important international, national and local organizations, as well as people actively engaged in Dance.

It is a worldwide non-profit non-governmental organization founded in 1973 at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, on which it is based. Its Members are the most outstanding federations, associations, schools, companies and people in more than 170 countries.

 Marbella Dance School and Caterina Chisesi are part of this organization since 2016.