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Hip Hop

Hip hop is a style and a way of looking at life, a culture and a community and the teachers of MDS teach it and transmit everything with passion.

In the classes we teach at the school, a mixture of styles that allow the student to know a great variety of steps that, in the future, will help him create his own choreographies. Each chosen song tries to get the student to know more about his body so that he can internalize the movements of each of them and take it to his own land and find his own personal style.

The culture of hip hop emerged in the 70s in New York divided into three parts: dance, music and graffiti. Initially the dance has 3 main styles: popping, locking and break. These styles are currently included in the part called “old school” of hip hop because, like any dance, has evolved over the years.

Currently, and as a result of these fixed bases, they have been known more styles such as dancehall, house, voguing, new style and funky among others.

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There are several hip hop classes for adults and children throughout the week, from Monday to Friday, so we are sure you will find the one that best suits your needs. If you’re interested, check out the timetable.