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Graham Master Class

This November MDS brings you an incredible Master Class, taught by Carolina Márquez, Rafael Molina and Laura Benítez. Body Condition, Graham Technique and Yoga for dancers. GRAHAM FOR EUROPE

The Graham technique is one of the main methods in modern dance. It is the only modern dance technique that has a coded language to express the full range of human emotions. It is based on the principles of contraction and relaxation. Graham focuses on releasing emotions through pelvic and abdominal contractions, relaxation on inspiration, muscle spasms, stretching and pulling. In the Graham technique the torso is the central axis in the expression of emotions. The arms, hands and legs are used to create images and to move in space. Breathing plays a major role. All contractions and relaxation in the Graham technique are coordinated with the breath, the contraction is done on the exhale, and the relaxation is done on the inhale. The relationship with the soil also becomes important. The movements in the Graham technique are rooted in the ground, fall to the ground, are propelled from the ground to jump or are jolted against the ground.

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